Thursday, June 08, 2006

Jawsome Comics #7

Seriously. Print this up and hang it around your office.
Then take a picture of it hanging in your office.
Preferably with co-workers gathered around it pointing and laughing with a gleam in their eye realizing everything is gonna be a-okay.

Jawsome Comics #6

6 MORE Jawsomes for you to chew on today with your inferior human jaw.

Having trouble reading it?
That's not Jawsomes fault.
Your eyes just need to become more jawsome.

Jawsome Comics #5

Okay, now you know the official reasons why Jawsome Comics are so jawsome.
But what does Jawsome Comics mean to you?
How has Jawsome Comics improved your otherwise trivial life?
Do you sense your life anew after reading Jawsome Comics?
Feeling a sense of unworthiness being exposed to so much jawsomeness?
Share your tales of how Jawsome Comics changed your life.

Jawsome Comics #4

You lucky son of a bees.
I'm giving you SIX comics today for the price of one.
You can form a thank you line behind me.

Gawdamn. Sometimes I sit back and wonder to myself, "Can all this Jawsomeness REALLY come out of just one person?"
"I must be multiple people! This is unreal!"

Jawsome Comics #3

My god I spoil you guys.
Here is another installment.

Jawsome Comics #2

The following comic kicked three gonads in the gonads.

Jawsome Comics #1

I'm sorry. But there's a pressing issue I need to get off my chest. And I can't sleep until I release it.
So bear with me as I go a little political here.

I think I speak for the rest of the world.
Thank you.